Did FAN4STIC actually suck?

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Now I know what you’re all probably thinking now… “Sam have you lost your freaking mind? Fan4stic is an amazing movie?! Dude what the hell that movie sucked!” But did it really suck…? Before you leave your hate comments I’m just gonna say its not up there with The Dark Knight but its surely not down with Green Lantern

We all know about the complete mess of production for this movie and the extremely rushed ending, what with Doctor Doom suddenly getting up, exploding a couple of people’s heads and made a wormhole/tornado/thing in about the space of thirty seconds! Some say it was a little gritty, which to be honest, I liked a bit of a change from the normal good guys like in nearly every superhero film, and it was nice to see FOX had the guts to take this risk.

I actually quite enjoyed this film though, the effects are great, the story is brilliant actually, and the casting is perfect, Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan performing greatly as Mr. Fantastic and Johnny Storm.
The dark tone, although it may not have best fit these superheroes, actually kind of worked!
So yeah, not the best, but most certainly not the worst superhero film. It does not deserve so much hate in my opinion.

The only reason it didn’t really top the others was because it was just a rush to keep the rights for the characters. Its a surprise how good this movie actually turned out to be in the rush that it was made in.

But honestly, this film is hated on too much! I’ve seen even worse superhero films that no one picks at. So just stop people, all your hate has already cancelled an X-MEN crossover film and a sequel!

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2014 Roundup

2014 has been an awesome time for film and TV, this is a round up of my favourite movies and TV series of the year! Sorry this post is up late, it was supposed to post at exact midnight but Google Chrome was playing up for me…favtvI was really sad that Tomorrow People was only one season and that Nightwing The Series by Ismahawk on Youtube had quite short episodes, but it was still awesome! And DC has bought us great TV from the beginning.These in my opinion, are the best movies this year,

X-men, Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Robocop, Mockingjay, Godzilla, Live,die,repeat/Edge.of.Tomorrow, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Battle of the Five Armies, LEGO MOVIE and Amazing Spiderman 2. Go check them out!

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The Hobbit, Battle Of The Five Armies Review

I haven’t reviewed in ages, but here is my review of the final chapter of The Middle Earth Saga: Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies!5armiesReview

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Amazing Spider Man 2: Behind The Scenes

Interesting scenes without VFX or editing.

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Amazing Fan-art

Here is some stunning GOTG fan-art I found on the web.

f2 f3 f4 f5 f1 guardians-of-the-galaxy-fan-art-036

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My New Movie

Recently my cousin and I made this movie, it’s a sci-fi horror movie, and I’ve posted it to YOUTUBE! on my REEL DEAL channel.


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Finally! It felt like forever, waiting for this movie!

I even went to Subway for my Rocket bag!



Directed by James Gunn


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Yesterday I watched Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and today I watched Hercules. Both great movies, here are my reviews.


DOTPOTA: ( Matt Reeves)

Dawn of the planet of thehttyd2rev apes is an awesome sequel to rise of the planet of the apes. 10 years from the previous movie (If you saw the post credit scene, you’d have noticed the guy sneeze, which led onto the global infection and extinction) and full of action, adventure, comedy, and apes riding horses with machine guns. Despite that sounding utterly insane… It’s a great movie!

You may have thought the first one was very dragged out, this one’s a lot different. Action start to finish. Adventure start to finish. Fun, start to finish.

The effects are stunning, the apes are so so realistic! The combat the apes do is so awesome!

This is a great summer movie. I recommend if you liked Transformers.




HERCULES: ( Brett Ratner)

httyd2revThis is an epic greek based movie, where Hercules is a mercenary, fighting for gold. Whereas he’s supposed to fight alone, according to myth, he has a crew of five fighters.

This is great for greek fans, and action lovers alike. If you take children to see this, be warned! there is one use of strong language.

The beasts are so realistic. The wolves look like wolves. The lions look like lions. The, oh you must get it by now!

Dwayne Johnson, by my opinion, is a great choice for the role of Hercules.

I reccomend this if you enjoyed watching Clash of TITANS, Wrath of TITANS, and other mythical stories.





Tomorrow is GOTG, SO EXCITED!!! 😀

A review will be up by the end of the day.


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I’m afraid I didn’t see the actual movie there, but my sister did get some quite good snaps of the event!


(More coming soon, only because the photos aren’t loading properly 😦   )

Chris Pratt, Star Lord

Chris Pratt, Star Lord

Vin Deisel, Groot

Vin Deisel, Groot

Oreo, Rocket Racoon stunt double for when actors needed to know where Rocket was

Oreo, Rocket Racoon stunt double for when actors needed to know where Rocket was

Oreo's cage

Oreo’s cage



Lego Rocket and Groot, made especially for the event

Lego Rocket and Groot, made especially for the event

Me carrying a banner home, with my mum, that I got free

Me carrying a banner home, with my mum, that I got free

Karen Gillan, Nebula (on screen)

Karen Gillan, Nebula (on screen

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I’m afraid I will NOT be attending THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY premier, but I have tickets for the day the movie comes out (in England) !!! 😀

I’ve also randomly gone and edited a lot of Guardians pics. Here are some and if you like them, you can check out more… HERE!

randg Rocket-Raccoon2 GOTG strlrd


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